PR professionals seem to be leaving ‘X’ in 2023 – but how can we leverage the benefits of the Twitter we used to know on other social media platforms?

Professionals are exploring new avenues to replace traditional platforms in the rapidly evolving landscape of PR networking. While some are leaning towards emerging options like Threads to replace Twitter, my focus is on the untapped potential of LinkedIn. Here’s why LinkedIn is poised to redefine PR networking in 2024:

1. LinkedIn’s AI-Generated Collaborative Articles:

Leverage the power of AI-generated collaborative articles on LinkedIn to showcase your expertise and connect with industry peers. Unlike the days of reaching out to strangers on Twitter, collaborative articles allow PR professionals to establish credibility while fostering connections with like-minded individuals.

2. Journalists’ Presence on LinkedIn:

The once Twitter-dominated sphere of journalists has shifted towards active engagement on platforms like LinkedIn. With a similar information-sharing capability, LinkedIn enables PR professionals to connect with journalists, engage with posts, and expand their networks. The deliberate sharing of information by journalists on LinkedIn provides valuable insights for effective networking.

3. Events as Endorsements:

Participating in LinkedIn events offers a dual benefit. Firstly you get to engage with industry peers who share common interests during these events, and secondly, hosts often identify and connect with regular attendees. Post-events, hosts may endorse attendees for skills covered during the event. These endorsements, coming directly from event hosts, add credibility and expertise to your profile, positively influencing future connections.

While LinkedIn may lack the brevity of Twitter, it emerges as a strategic alternative for PR professionals seeking meaningful engagement and networking. The platform encourages deliberate relationships that extend beyond character limits, promising lasting and high-quality connections. Elevate your PR networking game in 2024 with the untapped potential of LinkedIn.

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