How do JSE-listed small and medium-sized businesses share their story with potential investors when there is limited analyst coverage and business media newsrooms have limited capacity?

 This has been an ongoing challenge for businesses listed on the JSE and Cape Town Stock Exchange for many years now.

 Our CEO Marc Ashton is passionate about helping small and mid-cap businesses share their stories and engage with stakeholders and he regularly invites executives from these businesses to join our “Meet The Management” series.

 In his most recent interview, Marc chats to Yondie Metu who is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for RH Bophelo which is listed on both the JSE and the Rwanda Stock Exchange.

 RH Bophelo is an entrepreneurial healthcare business with a 7-year trading history.

 In this interview, Marc and Yondie discuss:

  • The value proposition for investors considering RH Bophelo
  • Learnings from being listed on the JSE
  • The most recently released financial results and the numbers that matter
  • Comparisons to Life Healthcare and Netcare
  • RH Bophelo and their approach to dividends


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