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Integrated Annual Reports are an increasingly popular way for organisations to communicate with stakeholders about their financial and non-financial performance, as well as their corporate social responsibility initiatives. These reports typically include financial statements, as well as information about the organisation’s governance, strategy, and sustainability practices.

Decusatio Investor Relations and Communications helps organisations to compile their Integrated Annual Reports through:

  • Content development: Developing content for Integrated Annual Reports, including messaging, narrative, and data visualisation.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Identifying and engaging with stakeholders to gather feedback and insights that can inform the content of the report.
  • Reputation management: Integrated Annual Reports are an important tool to demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to transparency and accountability. We help organisations communicate their achievements and progress in a way that enhances their reputation and builds trust with stakeholders.

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Stakeholder Engagement

 stakeholder engagement graphic[/caption]Stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of an organization as it can help to increase brand loyalty, attract and retain talent, secure investment, and improve overall reputation.

We help organisations build positive relationships with their stakeholders, including
customers, employees, investors, and community members by:

  • Identifying stakeholders: Identify key stakeholders and understand their needs, interests, and concerns. This include conducting stakeholder mapping exercises and developing stakeholder engagement plans.
  • Developing messaging: Develop messaging that resonates with their stakeholders and communicates the organization’s values and goals. This messaging can be used across a variety of communication channels, including social media, email, and traditional media outlets.
  • Communication planning: Plan and execute stakeholder communication strategies. This include developing a content calendar, creating social media campaigns, and drafting newsletters or other regular updates.
  • Responding to feedback: Manage stakeholder feedback by monitoring social media, responding to customer inquiries, and developing strategies for addressing concerns or complaints.
  • Building relationships: Build positive relationships with stakeholders by creating opportunities for engagement, such as events, surveys, or focus groups. These opportunities can help organisations gather insights and feedback from stakeholders, as well as build trust and credibility.

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Corporate Communication Strategies

Effective communication strategies is required to help organisations develop and implement effective communication plans that align with their goals and objectives.

We are helping clients with:


  • Identifying communication goals: Guide organisations to identify their communication goals and objectives. This can involve working with stakeholders to understand their needs and interests, as well as conducting research to identify communication gaps and opportunities.
  • Developing messaging: Help organisations develop messaging that is consistent, clear, and resonates with their target audience. This can involve creating key messages, developing brand messaging, and tailoring messaging to different
    communication channels.
  • Planning and executing campaigns: Help organisations plan and execute
    communication campaigns across a variety of channels, including social media, traditional media, email, and events. This can involve developing a campaign strategy, creating content, and engaging with media outlets.
  • Crisis communication: Help organisations develop crisis communication plans to manage and mitigate the impact of a crisis. This can involve developing messaging, identifying communication channels, and establishing processes for managing inquiries and media relations.
  • Monitoring and measuring: Help organisations monitor and measure the effectiveness of their communication strategies. This can involve tracking media coverage, social media engagement, website traffic, and other relevant data to evaluate the impact of communication efforts.

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      Media Relations

      Media relations is an essential part of a PR service offering. It involves building and
      maintaining relationships with media outlets, journalists, and influencers to help generate
      positive coverage for a brand or organisation. We focus on both earned and paid coverage, to grow awareness. 

      Decusatio offers the following media relations solutions:

      • Pitching stories: We will craft compelling story angles and pitch them to journalists, media outlets, and influencers to secure media coverage for our clients.
      • Coordinating interviews and media opportunities: We will range and coordinate media interviews, press conferences, and other media opportunities to help our clients build relationships with the media and secure positive coverage.
      • Media relations: is an important component of it can help increase brand awareness, credibility, and reputation. By securing positive media coverage, you can reach new audiences, build relationships with key influencers, and become established as thought leaders in the industry.

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      Content Development

      Creating and managing content that effectively communicates a brand’s message to its target audience is imperative to be discovered and grow your business. Content can take many forms, including press releases, blog posts, social media posts, infographics, videos, and more.

      This is how we can help you to develop the content you need to grow your business:


      • Developing content strategy: We work with clients to develop a content strategy that aligns with their brand’s message and target audience.
      • Creating content: To develop content that effectively communicates your brand message can be time consuming. Let us write and develop your stories on your behalf.
      • Editing and proofreading: Looking for someone to help you with content already developed? We are happy to review content to ensure that all content is well-written, error-free, and aligned with your brand messaging and brand voice.

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        Tender/Business Development Applications

        Decusatio can guide you in compiling tenders and business development applications. The biggest challenge clients face is to effectively communicate the strengths and value proposition of a company to potential clients and stakeholders. Decusatio can be your partner in shaping and presenting your company’s image and reputation to these audiences, which can help to differentiate it from competitors and increase its chances of winning business opportunities.

        This can be done through:

        • Effective Brand messaging: We help to develop compelling and consistent brand messaging that communicates the company unique value proposition and key strengths.
        • Proposal writing: Assist in crafting well-written and persuasive proposals that effectively communicate the company capabilities and expertise.
        • Media relations: Secure positive media coverage for the company, which can enhance its credibility and reputation in the eyes of potential clients.
        • Leadership: Position company executives as thought leaders in their industry, which can help to build trust and establish the company as a leading expert in its field.
        • Relationship building: Help to build relationships with key stakeholders, such as potential clients and partners, which can lead to new business opportunities.

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